Reality Breached 045 – A Rebre Reunion (E3 2015)

on Jun 19, 2015
Rebre is back and E3 is upon us! we sift through press conferences and announcement to see what the winners and losers are.

Episode 129 – Parallelogram Of Doom

on Nov 20, 2013
This episode is all about the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Wii-U. Mr. Minor has a PS4 in tow and is giving us the low-down, while...

Episode 127 – PS4, It’s A Hundred Dollars Cheaper

on Oct 15, 2013
This week the cast does a lot of catch-up. We give an overview of the summer blockbusters, as well as talk about what's coming up in the...

Reality Breached 021 – Season 2: Episode 1 – The Future Part A

on Jun 11, 2013
We're back! Episode 21 is the unofficial/official/fictitious launch of Season 2. Let's jump into the future and talk about the Xbone and...

Kary’s Next-Generation Wishlist

on Nov 30, 2011
First a clarification. The term “next generation” has been thrown around like a rag doll. In fact, I am sure that there are...

The 7th Generation and its Glass Ceiling Innovation

on Nov 26, 2011
Since the third generation (NES and Master System) the average time between consoles is 4.8 years. We are at 5 and 6 years in the seventh...