Kary’s Next-Generation Wishlist

on Nov 30, 2011
First a clarification. The term “next generation” has been thrown around like a rag doll. In fact, I am sure that there are...

Episode 089 – Flaccid

on Mar 29, 2011
We talk Steam/Skype love, App Store mayhem, At&t T-Mobile merger, Sony on board for game downloads, Duke Nukem for-never, happy pills...

Gamestop is Ready for Your 3DS Preorders

on Jan 20, 2011
Waiting in my inbox this morning was an email from Gamestop for pre-ordering the Nintendo 3DS with its recently announced $250 price tag.

Vick to be added to Madden 10… Nintendogs players rise in Revolt

on Aug 18, 2009
Looks like Electronic Arts and the Madden 10 crew aren’t wasting any time with adding Michael Vick to the Philadelphia Eagles roster.

Athletes Share Madden 10 Cover

on Apr 29, 2009
Yeah, you heard it right, all the joys of the Madden curse will be getting spread across two athletes this year. In an April 24th press...