Episode 119 – It’s Kinda Chromey

Random technology, gaming, comic, movie, television, and anime ramblings and entertainment from the techpedition pundits.

Episode Cast

Sergio Lugo, James Allen Knotts, Carl Minor, and Clarence Brown

Episode Summary

In the news: Killzone 3 multiplayer free, Jet Set returns, Skype meets metro, Apple March 7th event, Angry Birds slingshot, Ice Cream Sandwich transforms, Nintendo downloads capped, and Metal Gear Online ends. We’re watching: The Walking Dead, also Key and Peele. And finally, we’re playing God of War 3, Limbo, and Enslaved.

Episode Notes

Clarence Brown

Clarence Brown, co-founder and developer for the Techpedition website, has been gaming since the late 80's. At an early age, he became...