Pause Break

Pause/Break 003 – Schmidt My Dad Says

Pause/Break takes you through fast-paced discussion of industry topics in movies, gaming, comics, and anime. One minute and thirty seconds at a time.

Episode Cast

Kary Brown and Clarence Brown

Episode Summary

In headlines we talk: Miyamoto retiring, Xbox GPU, Google buying frenzy, Bridgestone air-free tires, Onlive on iOS, Carrier IQ, Ice Cream Sandwich on Fire, more HP Touchpad’s. We grade 2011 Xbox Dashboard and Final Fantasy VII “Remake”. And give the odds on: next-gen modular consoles, Windows 8 tablet success, seeing an Apple branded TV, new Xbox at CES, Fire outselling iPad, and Android being “bigger” than iOS.

Episode Notes

Clarence Brown

Clarence Brown, co-founder and developer for the Techpedition website, has been gaming since the late 80's. At an early age, he became...