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Kary’s Next-Generation Wishlist

6 – Fewer console First Person Shooters

As reluctant as I am to mention Halo, the game single-handedly changed my opinion of FPS games on consoles.

Apparently, I was not alone.

The exception has become more than just a rule. It has become a staple. Check the new releases for any given week and I am sure that you will find a first person shooter among the ranks.

But, enough’s enough.

From a business standpoint, FPSs are a sweet proposition. You spend your time building the backend (or better yet, license something like Unreal Engine 3) and set your artists loose. Create a 6-8 hour experience, tack on some multiplayer (or, as the case has been lately, vice-versa), sling it to retail, and print your money. Wait, did you attach a military theme? Well then you’d better go buy a money bin like Scrooge McDuck!

This is one situation that I am not worried about. Soon people will get tired of the genre and stop buying the games like mindless puppets. When this happens, you can rest assured that the developers will move on to something else. My point is why wait though? Take more than a one year development cycle. Create a compelling story. Give me more than whack-a-mole Enemy AI. Otherwise, the FPS genre on consoles is headed the way of the fighting game.

Sadly, you can bet your bottom that they will beat this horse into oblivion.

Probability: 20%

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