Episode 108 – Punched in the Cooter

Random technology, gaming, comic, movie, television, and anime ramblings and entertainment from the techpedition pundits.

Episode Cast

Sergio Lugo, James Allen Knotts, Carl Minor, Clarence Brown, Kary Brwon

Episode Summary

Netflix backtracks, free trips to Japan, iPhone 4S sells like hotcakes, Online Passes are the devil, PlayStation Vita games cheaper online and the same price as PS3 game retail, Microsoft buys Twisted Pixel, first 8-core processor, super hero mayhem, The Avengers, Terra Nova, Red vs Blue, Real Steel, Gundam AGE, Yu Yu Hakusho: Season Three on Bluray, NBA Jam, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, MineCraft, Bluestacks, and Droid X2

Episode Notes

Clarence Brown

Clarence Brown, co-founder and developer for the Techpedition website, has been gaming since the late 80's. At an early age, he became...