Fast and Furious Retrospective Part 1: Planting Seeds in Plotholes

on March 31, 2015
Through a haze of horrible acting, nonsensical plots, pretty faces, silly action sequences and the longest quarter miles ever, this series...

5 Ways Sony Can Fix the Playstation TV

on March 20, 2015
The Playstation TV was launched in North America on October 14, 2014 to very little fanfare. Its a sleek piece of equipment that has more...

Reality Breached 043 – Games and News and Games

on March 9, 2015
We bid adeiu to Wha'cha' Playin' and chat about games, discuss the relaunch of Rock Band and Sergio plays all of the games. No, You didn't...

Get Your Fingers Ready! Rock Band 4 is Happening!

on March 5, 2015
After alot of speculation, surveys and Harmonix stopping just short of officially announcing the game, the team behind the best music games...

Reality Breached 032 – The Spider-cast

on March 1, 2015
We call an emergency meeting of minds to discuss the recent Spider-man related movie news. We get a bit off topic but that's mostly just...

Adventures in Discount Gaming: Part 3

on February 21, 2015
The final game in my discount gaming adventure is a doosey. Medal of Honor, oh how you wreck of EA's worst stenches, but can you redeem...

Adventures in Discount Gaming: Part 1

on Feb 21, 2015
The PS3 and 360 are quickly fading into the our collective memories. As the new consoles take over, stores have to shift their stock to...

Adventures in Discount Gaming: Part 2

on Feb 20, 2015
Last time we looked at an under the radar Playstation Move game. This time, we dig into a game that was originally billed as the...

What’s Wrong with Watch_Dogs?

on Feb 7, 2015
What’s wrong with Watch_Dogs? The short answer is nothing, but the long answer is a bit more complex.

Reality Breached 031 – 2015 Movie Preview

on Jan 24, 2015
Download This Episode | Subscribe To The Podcast | Submit Feedback | +1.601.329.0636 Reality Breached is an in-depth look at the Video Game...

My Zune Has Died, Now What?

on Jan 10, 2015
You didn’t read that wrong, yeah own a Zune. I know it hasn’t been relevant in over 5 years, and I know physical media players are a...

Reality Breached – Wha’cha Playin’ 010: 2 Guys, 1 Podcast

on Nov 15, 2014
Sergio and Josh go it alone in the 10th installment of Wha'cha' Playin'. Sergio basks in sorrow as he realizes he needs a new console, and...

The Walking Dead Season 2: Final Thoughts – A Review

on Sep 6, 2014
The first season was really a landmark in video games so to expect the second one to top it is asking a bit much. With that said, here's my...

Reality Breached 030 – Wha’cha’ Watchin’ (Summer Movie Wrap Up)

on Aug 30, 2014
The summer is over...pretty much. Reid and Sergio welcome newb Jordan to the table to talk about movies, movies and more movies!