Reality Breached 053 – Batman Vs Superman

on March 31, 2016
Batman v Superman is upon us and Reid, Michael and Sergio have VERY mixed reactions to the how the film turned out.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

on March 27, 2016
It’s finally here. The grand spectacle to plant the seeds of the Justice League that DC has been promising for years is in theaters.

Reality Breached 050 – The Rebre Answers Extravaganza

on February 21, 2016
Rebre reaches its 50th episode and the core trio of Reid, Josh and Sergio welcome a revolving door of guests who only want to wish them...

Reality Breached 052 – Mr. Pool

on February 15, 2016
Deadpool is not for kids, but he is for two ass-hats in their thirties staying up too late on a Thursday watching movies. Here's our...

Reality Breached 051 – Awakening the Force

on December 25, 2015
We not only drop a new podcast, but also a new and improved Josh, in the official Reality Breached Star Wars cast. We chat about The Force...

A Spoiler Free Review of The Force Awakens

on December 18, 2015
The Force Awakens! Is it worth the wait? I don’t know, but I can say that having fresh Star Wars on theater screens is incredibly...

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Borrows Title from Boring Video Game

on Dec 10, 2015
Of the nearly infinite amount of word combinations Platinum Dunes could have used to title the film they chose to go with a name that was...

Reality Breached 049 – Trailer-Gate

on Dec 5, 2015
It's summer movie trailer season, and we can't talk enough about two of the biggest up-coming films of 2016. We pick apart the new Batman V...

So You Think Games Cost Too Much?

on Dec 4, 2015
Game price tags these days can vary anywhere from free, to $249 for Rock Band, but the general consensus is that a full price console...

Reality Breached 048 – The Meta-cast

on Aug 16, 2015
We take a weirdly in-depth trip through the reality breached episodes to create the most complete episode guide for the least complete...

Reality Breached 047 – The (Not-So) Fantasic Four Spoiler-Cast

on Aug 10, 2015
Sergio and Reid just saw Fantastic Four and they are driving home. They have some VERY negative things to say about it and they have the...

What Happened? A Fantastic Four Review

on Aug 9, 2015
That new Fantastic Four film is in theaters and its quite ambitious. Every aspect of the film prior to release seemed special and...

Reality Breached 046 – The Secret Ant-Man Spoiler-Cast

on Jul 19, 2015
Our Ant-Man weekend continues with a very special spoiler-filled podcast all about the insect leading micro-hero's step into the Marvel...

Ant-Man – Tiny Fists, Big Punches

on Jul 17, 2015
Everything about Marvel’s latest adventure has been shrunk for this gem, and not only does the movie benefit from it, but so does the...